The Cast of Characters:

Liz ~ me, a late-30s mother of twin boys and stepmom to two awesome older boys. Currently living in Houston.

I once was an art professor, but for some reason thought it a good idea to give up a secure academic job and go get myself a PhD. (In the U.S. an MFA is a “terminal degree” for most art professors, art historians aside). Anyway, in pursuit of this I have moved all around the U.S., gaining a second master’s degree and a lot of debt in the process.

Finished my PhD in 2015 (anthropology), but despite some awesome job interviews, I really want to stay in Houston. So I’m still looking for an academic job opp, and working as a UX researcher in the meantime.

In 2012 I moved to Japan to conduct my dissertation research, and, although I am back in the U.S. at the moment, I go back and forth from Japan to here for my research often.


Often mentioned:

M: my husband, the handsome, caring man of my dreams. He’s as silly as me, as anxious and neurotic as me, and an amazing artist. He’s a graphic designer by training, but he really can make anything look good. And he makes amazing weekend breakfasts.

A: my oldest stepson (12)- super smart, super sweet. A much better kid than I was. Always beats me at Mario Kart. Has more science in one hand than I’ve ever had in my whole brain. Memorable moment while I was explaining to him how part of my breast pump works: “And look at this cool thingy!” Him: “You mean, the valve?”

C: my youngest stepson (10)- equally smart, loves storytelling and mixing together great food and drink combos. He calls it like he sees it, and he’s usually right. Memorable quote: “If you didn’t go to Starbucks so often, you wouldn’t be broke.”

F: the older twin. By like, two minutes because.. C-section. Spends most of his time VERY VERY WIDE AWAKE.

C2: the younger twin. Very gassy. He’s kind of a marshmallow who farts, but he also giggles and laughs like crazy.

Rarely mentioned these days: 

J: my ex-husband, devout Orthodox Christian, software engineer…

T: I met T, aka Japanese ex-boyfriendo (also 40, owns a men’s clothing shop in Tokyo) at the worst possible time, when I was going through the divorce. He is a great person, and has a wife and little boy of his own now!


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Rachael Pomerantz

    Hey Liz, old pal Rachael here. I wanted to tell you that it wasn’t until today that I realized that this was a blog about you, and not just an infatuation with matcha that you developed before, or perhaps whilst in Japan (today was the first day I read it). That was meant to make you laugh as it seems you could use some laughter right now. I also wanted to say that I’m so sorry you’re going through this, but that I know you are an amazing person (even though we’ve been out of touch mostly) and you will be just fine. So, throwing some support at you from Nashville and your past before J. You will get through fieldwork, get through the PhD. And in the meantime, keep writing, cause you’re really really good at it. lots of love,


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