The Week I Cried in Yoga Twice

… or “I need to get my shit together, seriously.”

I don’t think I’m cut out for much of anything right now. I don’t feel like I’m doing a particularly good job at… my life. I can’t concentrate on my work, as I’m either too depressed or too manic for self-discipline. I don’t think much of what I’m writing is any good. I feel like I only receive the uncompetitive grants and awards (which may be as much a function of my research topic than anything, but I’m not sure). I feel like I fail at online dating so far, and I still don’t know what to do about T who is back in Japan and still lurves my messy, broken self.


I spent this week on pins and needles waiting for the guy in my last post to contact me, and here it is Friday morning and I wasted Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday staring at my phone and hoping.


So my chest aches and I feel like the most useless, unlovable, messy person in the world right now. How did I scare this one off? Am I doomed to repel anyone mentally healthy because I can’t fool people well enough that I’m in a good head space right now? I thought I was doing a pretty good job of putting on a mask.

There’s this song that has sort of become the theme of the 40-day yoga boot camp that I’m doing.  I mean, I’d heard it before I joined the yoga challenge but it’s been played several times during classes. Wednesday, in a dark, shadowy room lit faintly yellow by street lamps from the outside, I felt acutely my desperation that this guy contact me. I repeated to myself the need to “let go” and “stop struggling”, but just as quickly as I felt myself relax, the turbulent anxiety filled up my lungs again. Lying on my back, I felt my eyes well up. “I am not okay”, I had to acknowledge. I wanted to plug this guy into the hole in my life, to use him to buffer myself against my own screaming anxiety and fear. But perhaps he sensed it, or perhaps someone else came along via OkCupid and he moved on. Either way, the waiting and the hoping has turned my week into a nightmare of pillow-punching and hand wringing and kitchen-swearing and…


I just felt so stupid for how rarely I truly fall for someone like that, but for how completely it happens. The last time it happened, well… I am still not over that crush, and I think he’ll always have a part of my heart. (That was an impossible crush, and though he took my breath away every time I saw him, and still does, I can never tell him.) So, as foolish as it sounds, this week’s guy was probably #4 in my life who had this effect on me, and he has disappeared.

Lately I have had immense difficulty closing my eyes. During the twice-daily meditations, during yoga (particularly the end savasana), I stare blankly ahead at walls, ceiling beams, etc. It took me a while to notice that my eyes weren’t closed, so vacant and unseeing was this stare I’ve developed. Lately I’ve found my mind quietly whispering the chorus to the aforementioned song…. Hallelujah… Hallelujah as I stare.

The yoga instructor yesterday caught me in the twilight, lying on my back with my eyes wide open, tears trickling down my face. His eyes met mine as he stepped past. Perhaps he didn’t see.

Every time I feel different from most people lately, more special(er), smarter, etc. I am humbled. I am not better. I am not more gifted. I am a decent academic writer with some pedestrian problems and some really significant traumas. I’m taking this guy’s disappearance so hard because of how unlikely it was that I actually let someone in right now.

Just found myself listening to Johnny Cash’s cover of Hurt, which is also devastating. It captures a bit of the burden I’m carrying around these days.


4 thoughts on “The Week I Cried in Yoga Twice

  1. Janice

    Dude, as sucky as it is- maybe it turned out better this way? Based on what you’ve written, I think you know exactly what I’m about to say. Because as harsh, and awful, and cliche as this advice is: you have GOT to become ok with being by yourself, as yourself, with yourself…before you should even think about introducing another person into the equation. Or you’ll end up going full octopus on someone again, hoping desperately that it doesn’t go south. There’s no need for it to be this way! In these past years you have been basically ‘un-made.’ Now is as good a time as any to regroup. Just remember that ‘regroup’ doesn’t mean you have to force yourself to do anything to ‘prove’ yourself. Even if it’s to yourself. That probably made no sense. But I love you! xo

    1. matchaproblem Post author

      But my head is going “How could this person just disappear? We were communicating nonstop for two weeks?” I just don’t understand, and that’s the primary source of the torture. If I knew he’d met someone else, or I’d effed it up then I could stop wondering. I know I need to be okay with me… and that I’m not, but I don’t know how to and don’t wanna be single.

      I lay around getting nothing done today and crying because I didn’t know where this guy had gone, and what I could have possibly done wrong.

  2. Janice

    But that’s what I’m saying – you ‘knew’ him for 2 weeks. I know it’s a super-crappy feeling, but it does underscore the fact that, in perspective, it probably wouldn’t be as devastating if you weren’t in this fragile place right now.

    1. matchaproblem Post author

      He’s listed as online on OKCupid right now, so I messaged him… nothing. I really must have put my foot in my mouth. I dunno. I probably wouldn’t be as devastated, you’re right… but it’s genuinely rare that I develop a crush on someone of this magnitude, and to have them just disappear mystifies me. It’s a first. I can’t explain it so I just keep spinning in circles.


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