Oh Lordy P. Trousers: A List

I feel listy today, so here’s a list:

1. I am completely completely addicted to yakisoba. Oh.. my lord. Yakisoba sandwiches, yakisoba omelettes, yakisoba okonomiyaki. And I live with a fantastic cooker of Japanese food. Did I mention T is the perfect housewife?

2. My father wrote me a scolding letter about being “more discreet” about having a boyfriend while not yet legally divorced. I wanted to write back that J had had a girlfriend before we decided to legally divorce, on several occasions. But…. my poor parents are shocked enough lately, I think. Or maybe they’re not shocked at all and I’m projecting. Actually, my mom has been super “divorce is normal. Everyone does it. LOL” about the whole thing, which just causes me to up my “i have failed, I am a bad person. Why aren’t you shunning me as I deserve to be shunned?!” rhetoric.

3. One of T’s friends looked me in the eye the other day and said “you need to understand that he’s a REALLY good person.” I was surprised at the tone of his voice; this from a guy who is usually completely aloof and crass.

4. I tried to buy a freakin Jawbone Up, but they’re totally sold out and insanely backordered here in Japan. My quest has been futile. Sure, the U.S. store has plenty, but they won’t ship to Japan. Anyone want to order it for me and mail it to Japan? I’ll getcha back… paypal or something. Sigh.

5. I’ve been using this app, Lift, where you set goals every day and try to stick to them. But I’ve been so flat-out out-of-my-mind exhausted lately that I haven’t managed to exercise. I barely am managing to do research, and I am so burnt out on that, that I am writing another blog entry at a field site…. still haven’t handed out those surveys. Still too damn shy.

Anyway, I signed up to write three positive things about each day, to try to keep my chin up and spend less time near tears. But yesterday was hard. I was exhausted and cranky and miserable.

Still going back and forth on the plan for the next 12 months or so… where to live, etc.I don’t -want- to get rid of most of my American possessions, but on the other hand, relocating to Japan for a couple of more years might necessitate that.

6. We just had a long convo at the field site about my tattoos. It’s hot so I am rocking my short sleeves. I miss the lack of stigma about them in the U.S.

7. So, I promised to tell the masturbation anecdote. T and I were joking about masturbation, as you do, and I told him all he needed was a sock and some lotion. He was mystified; he’d never heard of such a thing. I then explained to him the idea of cutting a hole in a melon and heating it up. His eyes got huge. Finally he admitted that Japanese men have been known to make cup ramen (no seasoning of course), drain out the water, and stick their wieners in the warm noodles. Thanks, dear. Now cup noodles at the convenience store make me giggle.


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