7%, 6%, and…. holding

I am terrible at keeping secrets. I want to blab all over the planet, unlike so many people I know who seem to effortlessly withhold information from others. It is my style to bare everything, at least in venues wherein I feel safe (like blogs where I don’t use my name, etc) But this one’ll have to wait, anyway. I promised.

Still working on campaign “move to the U.S. even though you’ve never even been to Ameeeerica”? I didn’t help the campaign any by saying that many states now kept the ol’ cold medicine locked up because people were buying 20 boxes at a time and making crystal meth out of it. (Or maybe you need a lot more boxes to make crystal meth? I don’t know. But it’s a pain in the ass when I have a cold and don’t feel like throwing overpriced herbs from Whole Foods at it).

T was watching the video for that “Call me maybe” song yesterday (no, I have no idea why) and he was absolutely titillated by the end of the video, where the hot guy turns out to be gay. So titillated he made me watch it too, and then I was pissing myself off by singing that song for the rest of the day. There are a lot of drag queens and people who’d I’d classify as MTF (transgender) on Japanese TV; a lot of men in women’s clothing who are quite popular… but not many openly gay non-cross dressing dudes. I’m usually pretty good at the sexuality-speak, but I have trouble classifying these folks on Japanese TV….  transgender? cross-dressing? Here is one of the most prominent, a BBW nonetheless! : (Matsuko Deluxe)

T and I were hanging out today, as he didn’t have golden week off (store owners have gotta work when everyone else vacations!) so he’s taking two days off this week. But he wanted to pop into the  store, claiming that he’d just be 30 minutes. That’d be more than fine with me, as I mostly want to be left alone to work… buuuuuut my laptop came unplugged somehow last night and the battery is about to die… and I didn’t bring the charger of course.

I have my co-hosted internet program later today. I should probably be using the 6% battery I have left to prep for that rather than writing in this blog.

After 5 days, T finally noticed I’d henna’ed my hair, and while he didn’t mention if he liked it or not, I launched into a discussion of how next time I’d use a different combo of henna and indigo, because it’s too orange right now. I said “Henna iro” (henna color), which is the exact same sound as “Hen na iro” (strange color). The poor boy panicked, thinking I was about to dye it purple or blue.

But he gets points for sitting in a crowded Pronto (pasta chain) with me whilst my tattoos were plainly visible, and not batting an eye. He just might be getting used to me. I mean, he kissed me in public a few times, while said tattoos are visible and I have a mohawk.

I think this entry is EXTRA boring because I’m trying not to talk about a whole host of things that are on my mind right now, and everything I can think of to write gives them away.


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